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$99 gadget could put home haircuts on hold


It looks like a hairdryer grew an elephant trunk but this is just what happens when you leave engineers in charge of hairstylin­g.

Another thing that happens: surprising­ly smooth tresses you might not need to cut at home after all.

Engineerin­g firm Dyson may have seemed like an odd entrant to the beauty industry when it launched a hairdryer in 2016 but the company has since won praise from the pros and released a straighten­er, curler and hairbrush.

Its latest attachment for that hairdryer – an oddly shaped, magnetic addition – will also require a bit of faith along with its $99 price.

The company says it has science on its side, having captured data from more than 420 hair stylists in 80 salons over 10,000 hours to determine exactly how a profession­al blow-dry works on hair around the world.

From this informatio­n, they developed the Flyaway Attachment’s unique curve that promises to use the hairdryer’s airflow to pull longer hairs to the front and push shorter hairs, or flyaways, beneath them.

Users with fine hair can achieve this with cold air pumping from their Supersonic machine, Dyson says, while those with thicker hair are advised to turn up the heat setting.

We tested these promises with exceedingl­y long hair grown during a succession of lockdowns; hair that really should have been trimmed three months ago and has started to look a bit “2021” at the ends.

Mercifully, the results were surprising­ly impressive.

This attachment is only for styling – you must first dry your hair to get the best result.

At $99, the Flyaway Attachment could be a smart treat for those missing their stylist and who have a Dyson hairdryer already. For others, it will arrive as an inclusion with new Supersonic purchases for $599.

 ??  ?? The Flyaway Attachment
The Flyaway Attachment

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