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NRLW star frustrated


But on the eve of that start date the NRL again postponed the season with a January start date speculated.

Teitzel immediatel­y got a flight back to her native Queensland, and just got across the border before Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk put a temporary hold on hotel quarantine­s.

But the fullback, who captained the North Queensland Gold Stars in the inaugural BHP Premiershi­p, said she was one of the ‘lucky’ ones.

“It was a very frustratin­g experience,” she said. “The day we arrived in Newcastle we were told we would not be training. They would have known that, we should not have been told to travel down.

“Everyone is disappoint­ed with the lack of communicat­ion and transparen­cy from the NRL.

“Sitting in a place with no job and no certainty for seven and a half weeks is very difficult. There are seven of our players from New Zealand who are stuck there with no answers at all.

“I think the relocated girls in particular were a bit forgotten about.”

An NRL source confirmed to the Townsville Bulletin that regular dialogue was maintained with clubs as the Covid-19 situation deteriorat­ed in

NSW. It is understood they recommende­d to clubs to repatriate players due to potential border closures.

The NRL was adamant the NRLW season would still be played early next year, as the governing body spruiked a massive year for the women’s game which also includes a World Cup.

It would mean there would be two NRLW seasons in the one year, along with state leagues, which Teitzel believed was not feasible for her.

The aspiring teacher is in her final year of university, but has had to push back her last remaining placements due to her rugby league.

She is also a teacher aide at Kirwan State High School, but said two seasons in the one year would make it practicall­y impossible to hold down full time employment.

“If I was to play two of the NRL seasons next year that would mean three relocation­s in the one year,” she said.

“I love where I live and aspire to play for the Cowboys when they are ready to enter the NRLW. I don’t believe we should have to permanentl­y move to pursue the game we love.’’

The NRL said it had received feedback directly from players and staff about the volume of football next year, and was considerin­g ways to mitigate those concerns.

 ??  ?? North Queensland rugby league star Romy Teitzel. Picture: Alix Sweeney
North Queensland rugby league star Romy Teitzel. Picture: Alix Sweeney

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