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Good doctor reads from wrong script

- DENNIS QUICK, Fishery Falls.

I DISAGREE with columnist

Shari Tagliabue, who chastised us regarding the criticism of the Palaszczuk government permitting NRL officials, wives, girlfriend­s, children and God knows who else into the state because it’s football, while refusing little kids back in (TB 4/9/21).

She claimed that we are happy allowing other celebritie­s in without adverse comment.

Shari, as you know, that is untrue. There have been consistent hostile responses to various sundry celebritie­s granted seemingly free entry/exit to Queensland.

Dr Young justified it, saying celebritie­s and sporting stars bring money into the state. Nothing about health, just money for the state coffers.

This is the chief health officer who in March last year closed all the schools to protect the health of the people. Then, incredibly, she was quoted in the Brisbane Times 30/4/20: “If you go out to the community and say, ‘this is so bad, we can’t even have schools, all schools have got to be closed’, you are really getting to people,” Dr Young says. “So sometimes it’s more than just the science and the health, it’s about the messaging.”

I remember countless press conference­s when Premier Palaszczuk and Dr Young feigned sincerity at the cameras saying in response to criticism from federal and other states’ health consultant­s, that they were following the best health advice available. It would seem not.

Ms Palaszczuk has finally backed down over her NRL blunder after the severe backlash, saying it was not the best “optic” (huh?). You’re right there. In fact, it was a damned hypocritic­al move and at the very least, politicall­y inept.

At the same time, letting everyone remotely attached to the NRL into the state while blocking residents trying to get back to their homes before they go broke, or die, is cold-heartedly cynical. Suitable hotel accommodat­ion was never a problem for the NRL mob.

Meanwhile the Premier finally found a niggardly 50 rooms to allow a few more people back in. As John Anderson pointed out, the tourism is begging for guests, so what is their problem with hotel vacancies (TB 4/9/21)?

Dr Young also backed the Premier wanting everyone in the state vaccinated, which is ludicrous considerin­g her strident anti-astrazenec­a opposition. At another press conference on

3/9/21, she denied her decisions were based on politics. I beg to differ and question her suitabilit­y to be the next State Governor.

The Premier has demonstrat­ed her determinat­ion to keep Queensland in isolation from the rest of the world, come hell or high water. She is distorting modelling, trying to scare the gullible by claiming that if the Delta variant took hold in Queensland there would be thousands of deaths every month. Her spin doctors must have worked overtime twisting that one out of the hat. Ms Palaszczuk sank to another low saying that the children under 12 must be vaccinated. She and Dr Young know full well that children have relatively minor symptoms, because they are both aware there isn’t a vaccine for these kids anywhere in the world.

We will inevitably get the Delta strain here so we must be prepared to deal with it. Diligently signing in with codes, or on paper, handwashin­g, social distancing and masks, if required, are small prices to save lives. Leave the two women to play their selfish political games.



On the very day the Premier called for her parliament­ary colleagues to have a “respectful debate” on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill, the Member for Thuringowa comes out with a highly political letter in the Townsville Bulletin throwing aspersions at the Katter triumvirat­e, the Member for Burdekin and the Opposition Leader.

This was a highly personalis­ed and political attack that comes straight out of the political sewer.

The Member for Thuringowa should dwell on his leader’s words when she said, “We’ve had a respectful debate in the community about voluntary assisted dying and I’m asking the parliament to also have a respectful debate.”

There are many in the community who, due to religious, personal or profession­al beliefs, find themselves unable to support the Bill – particular­ly in relation to concerns that, as it presently stands, the proposed legislatio­n does not provide for faith-based hospitals and healthcare providers to stop assisted dying from occurring at their facilities – regardless of whether the institutio­ns hold fundamenta­l objections. And that includes many in his own electorate.

The Member for Thuringowa needs to get back into the hole he hides in when serious issues such as youth crime and adhere to the words of his leader.

 ??  ?? Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young at a Covid press conference, Picture: Richard Walker
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young at a Covid press conference, Picture: Richard Walker

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