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Tourism’s unsung heroes

Campaign highlights suppliers, workers


THE pandemic devastated Townsville’s tourism industry but the true impact of border closures and restrictio­ns cut deeper than was obvious.

This hidden impact will be on show in a push to shine a light on lesser-seen people who keep the industry moving.

A Townsville restaurant owner says his daily operations relied on businesses which most customers do not even see and said spending locally supported more than just one business. To mark World

Tourism Day Townsville Enterprise has launched its ‘Together in Tourism’ campaign to remind people of the impact the pandemic has had on all parts of the industry.

TEL director of visitor economy and marketing Lisa Woolfe said businesses in the tourism supply chain were just as much impacted by the highs and lows as the rest of the industry.

“Our tourism industry touches housekeepe­rs, bartenders, mechanics, security guards, skippers, accountant­s, farmers, small business owners, chefs, and so many more,” she said.

“When the tourism sector is doing well, so are the suppliers; and when businesses are struggling this immediatel­y flows through to a much bigger supply chain, one that is bigger and more far reaching than people might imagine.”

Tourism delivers to $1.2bn to the region’s economy each year, TEL estimates, and supports about 8000 jobs.

As part of its campaign, Townsville Enterprise will share the stories of tourism support businesses to highlight the unseen players in the industry. C Bar Strand owner Allan Pike said he was acutely aware of how other businesses supported his day-to-day operations.

“We work closely with Simon George and Sons, a local produce supplier, and when we’re facing capacity restrictio­ns they are just as much impacted as we are,” he said.

People are encouraged to share posts on social media using the hashtags #togetherin­tourism and #townsville­shines to support the ‘Together in Tourism’ message.

Mr Pike said he hoped the campaign showed locals how

far their support stretched. “When they come and have breakfast at the C Bar they are supporting more than just our restaurant, they are supporting our wait staff, our suppliers and so many more,” he said.

 ?? ?? Allan Pike.
Allan Pike.

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