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Biden at crossroads on migrants


A makeshift camp that has became home to thousands of Haitian migrants in Texas has now been completely emptied, exposing deep divisions over US President Joe Biden’s migration policies.

Thousands have crossed the US’S southern border with Mexico since Mr Biden came into office in January, leading to accusation­s he has opened America’s doors to whoever wants to come in.

The crisis reached a new peak in Del Rio, a dusty border town that is home to 35,000 people, when as many as 16,000 Haitians walked across the Rio Grande, which separates the US and Mexico.

“Within a week, we went from having a few migrants coming in to more than 15,000, so obviously for a city like Del Rio that is a big problem – we’re having some issues,” said Eddie Morales, the Democrat who represents the area in the Texas House of Representa­tives.

The influx threatens to become a defining crisis of Mr Biden’s presidency, leaving him without allies on either the right or the left as the number of arrivals climbs.

It follows photos that emerged of border agents on horseback chasing migrants and reports some Haitians were then deported in chains.

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