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Crossbench­ers represent us

- NANETTE RADECK, Alice River.

IN response to the online survey ‘Who will you vote for in the battle for Herbert’ (TB 22/09/2021), it is important to highlight that more than two candidates will run in the race for Herbert, not just one from each of the major parties. Indeed, candidates from micro-parties and possibly an independen­t or two may also put their hats in the ring. Not only will there be additional candidates to consider, but they too deserve the same level of media coverage so that voters may carefully investigat­e the capabiliti­es and commitment­s of each and every one of them. If we truly wish to enrich democracy in this country, I would also argue that we need more crossbench­ers in government. So much can be gained by having them there. Minor parties cannot form government, this is a fact; however, they can shape legislatio­n, increase government accountabi­lity, drive policy reform, force negotiatio­n in ways that benefit the diversity and needs of our nation, and importantl­y are often not subject to strict party discipline allowing them to truly represent the people of their electorate­s. Our crossbench­ers can and do have a significan­t impact, but we need more than the current seven. If we increase crossbench­er numbers, then the benefits also increase; democracy is enriched. Many major parties argue against this position, ultimately because when, for example, crossbench­ers hold the balance of power they can make governing much harder for the major party in power; but to be honest, this is what we want. We want policy reform. We want accountabi­lity. We want a government that truly reflects the people and diversity of our nation.

To the people/person responsibl­e for the noise emanating from Anderson Park on Saturday, you sure didn’t do your homework to see if your actions would disrupt or upset anyone close. The closest is Villa Vincent/ozcare Aged Care Facility, closely followed by Villa Mcauley Retirement Village and numerous residentia­l homes. What we were hearing was the VERY LOUD DERFDERF of drums or techno, nothing else. DISGUSTING!


TB 25/26 September- Dear Ms Cross, you indicate the ‘Neck of the Woods’ musical festival is ‘a family friendly music festival’ – for humans perhaps, not so friendly for the ‘plover family’, which had their nesting site destroyed and replaced by the stage. Anderson Park is a botanical garden which many species of birds utilise to nest every year. It’s NOT a music festival venue. Those plovers are hoping and praying this music festival won’t be in their neck of the woods ever again.


Lest we forget, the Ross dam was built for flood mitigation, (they messed that up by letting it fill to

over double and opening on high tide), this caused millions in damage. Forget the pipeline and spend on Burdekin dam (gravity feed) and hydro unit equals win, win. Lansdown will never go ahead, just like all other projects. MARTY, MT LOUISA

Steve, Belgian Gardens. You’re a funny man, I’m not sure whether it’s funny ha or just funny, I would say the latter. If Townsville suburbs are in danger of rising sea levels, why then does this council along with others all along the east coast approve applicatio­ns to build infrastruc­ture right along the ocean foreshore? RON, KELSO

So, Townsville is headed for a watery

grave ‘if greenhouse gases’ are not cut. Do these people have shares in the renewable power industry. M. THOMAS, 4824

Steve BG jumped out of bed to read that sea levels are going to increase. Well Steve, looks like a move to Stanley St Castle Hill road is on for you. AS, 4814

Excellent article on Craig Brereton in Saturday’s paper re his safeguardi­ng role in the NQ Catholic diocese. I have worked with him. He is the real deal. He will make a real and constructi­ve difference where it is needed within the Catholic Church to keep children and young people safe. W, CITY

Re the demolition of the Criterion. The Cri was doomed after the opening of the high rise apartments opposite it. The noise levels were unacceptab­le for the owners. The Cri closed soon after.


Carolyn Dixon is a few years out on her assumption that Townsville does not have a “greening” program. Tony Mooney introduced a Greening Townsville program in the late 80s to the early ‘90s. His work started the tree felling businesses that we have today. WARREN, ANNANDALE

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