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A WOMAN with a Taser in her possession has been fined.

Samara Tamika Izzard, 25, was found with the device in a black sunglasses case after police searched her on August 31.

She pleaded guilty to the unlawful possession of a category R weapon.

Police searched Izzard during patrols in North Ward at 4.10am when she said she had something on her and showed officers the Taser.

Her lawyer said Izzard was given the Taser by a friend, and she had it to protect herself from a former partner.

The lawyer told Magistrate Viviana Keegan the battery had actually been flat at the time. Izzard came before the court with no criminal history.

“There’s a good reason you can’t have these sorts of things,” Ms Keegan said.

Izzard was fined $300, with no conviction recorded.

 ?? ?? Samara Izzard was fined for possessing a taser.
Samara Izzard was fined for possessing a taser.

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