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Plans for actor Richard Gere to testify against former Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini for abuse of migrants threaten to turn the case into a show trial, the far-right leader said on Sunday.

Gere will testify against him in the so-called Open Arms case, according to remarks Mr Salvini made at a political meeting that were reported by the Ansa news agency.

“If someone wants to turn the trial into a show and wants to see Richard Gere, let him go to the cinema, not to a court,” the head of the populist and nationalis­t League party said, according to Ansa.

Mr Salvini is accused of kidnapping and abuse of power in August 2019 by preventing more than 100 migrants from disembarki­ng from a rescue ship – even as conditions on board deteriorat­ed.

 ?? ?? Richard Gere.
Richard Gere.

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