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Residents asked to be on alert as invasive weed spreads


COUNCIL IS calling on the community to be vigilant and report any suspicious plants, following reports of Siam weed travelling down the banks of the Haughton River.

Siam is a perennial that poses a threat to agricultur­al industries through its ability to quickly out-compete and smother crops as well as native vegetation.

Burdekin Shire Council Mayor Lyn Mclaughlin said all sightings should be reported as soon as possible.

“Siam weed has a very fast growth rate, making it vital that as soon as possible,” Cr Mclaughlin said.

“It is especially important this time of year as the weed begins colour from white and light lilac to a deep purple, which look similar to Blue Top or Billy Goat weeds. The seeds spread easily on or inside of domestic vehicles as well as earthmovin­g and constructi­on equipment.

“The earlier it is detected the easier it is to eradicate: weeds can quickly spread to cover more than 10 square metres and grow up to three metres high on their own or 20 metres up trees, forming impenetrab­le thickets.

“Crews have conducted aerial and on-the-ground sprays and will continue to survey the area, however the earlier it is detected the easier it is to control. I encourage everyone to report any suspicious looking plants as soon as possible to assist Council in controllin­g this incredibly invasive weed.”

The community are encouraged to be vigilant and report any new or unfamiliar plants by phoning Burdekin Shire Council’s Pest contact Biosecurit­y Queensland

 ?? ?? Siam weed in the Burdekin.
Siam weed in the Burdekin.

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