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PETER Dutton has taken aim at former prime ministers Malcolm Turnbull, Kevin Rudd and Paul Keating for their “sad” attempts to try to remain relevant, telling them to “just move on”.

Mr Dutton’s comments to 2GB’S Ray Hadley follow Mr Turnbull’s address to the National Press Club on Wednesday, where the former leader confirmed he would be attending COP26 in Glasgow and suggested it would be a bad look if Prime Minister Scott Morrison did not also make the trip.

Responding to comments by Hadley that Mr Turnbull was suffering “relevancy deprivatio­n syndrome”, Mr Dutton said it was “sad” and also criticised Mr Keating.

“Keating was voted out in 1996. So we’re talking 25 years on. Every day must be a miserable existence for him,” Mr

Dutton said. “And … Kevin Rudd is publishing opinion pieces in French newspapers.

“This guy is paid for by the Australian taxpayers to this very day.

“I just think if you look at the grace, and the gracious way, in which Julia Gillard and John Howard and Tony Abbott have conducted themselves since they’ve left (office) … I think that is the model. … Why live with the bitterness of your loss? Move on.”

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