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PETE (TB txts 30/9/21) They cannot even fill the 26,500 capacity stadium which they have let alone one with nearly twice the capacity. WASSA 4850


Pete, no hindsight needed regarding the under-sized new stadium. Anyone with half a brain knew it would be too small for the big events, two years before it was even built.


Pete. Surely you jest a 50,000 capacity stadium here. Suncorp holds 52,000 for the state capital and population of 2.25 million. CARL FRIES, PIMLICO.

What must the business owners who have had their livelihood­s ruined by constant lockdowns think? The Delta strain is starting to infiltrate Queensland. No lockdowns and the rugby league grand final gets the ok to proceed at Suncorp with a crowd capacity of 75%. Talk about misguided priorities. REB KELSO

Last time we went into a three day lockdown because a nurse who later tested positive when she went home visited Townsville. We now have an aviation worker at the Townsville hospital who has tested

positive but we are not going into a lockdown. Anyone who believes this is about our health and Palaszczuk has been keeping us safe, has been terribly misled. JR 4810.

I must admit, I was anti stadium at first, but Covid has ironically given it a purpose other than the pain of 12,000 diehards watching the Cowboys capitulate every fortnight. It’s also served as a shield for Scott Stewart to hide behind because, let’s be honest, without the wins it’s provided he’d have nothing to brag about. Similar to the Premier’s ability to use Covid as a decoy from her obvious tactics of developing the southeast at the expense of the North’s efforts. WHITTY

The gel blaster article is a bit misleading, gel blasters are still legal to own in Queensland with no permit required. BUCKET KWN

Angela Scott re Insurance Woes 30/9. Rex has a Covid Refund Guarantee with a full refund for passengers whose flight plans are directly affected by Covid-related lockdowns and border closures even if they are still operating that particular flight. Choice also has Australian Lawyers Alliance in support for Consumer Protection for Australian Travellers with a further seven recommenda­tions to the state and federal government­s.


After the feasibilit­y study is finalised will Hells Gates dam be a project or be shelved like other proposed projects here in the North? Time will tell. M J REYNOLDS MT LOUISA

Marty, Mt Louisa. We don’t sit up in the rafters to watch all sport, the rectangula­r configurat­ion puts fans of Rugby union/league, soccer and hockey close to the action.


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