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Driving his mate home cost man $500


A MAN who drove his drunk friend home in his work car has been hit with a fine and his licence disqualifi­ed after he was busted driving over the limit.

Dusty Les Orzani pleaded guilty in Townsville Magistrate­s Court on Wednesday to a single charge of driving over the general alcohol limit, after blowing .086 in a random breath test on August 27.

When pleading guilty, Magistrate Ross Mack asked Orzani if he was sure he didn’t want to apply for a work licence.

Orzani said it was likely he would lose hours at his job at Aquaflow, but didn’t think he would be fired.

Police prosecutor Nikki Hui told the court police had pulled Orzani over about 8am, and ordered a breath test after noting his slurred speech and glassy eyes.

A blood-alcohol content of .086 was recorded.

Orzani, who represente­d himself in court, told Mr Mack he had decided to give his friend who was “inebriated” a lift home.

It was heard Orzani’s friend lived less than a kilometre from his home.

Mr Mack said Orzani should have walked his friend home, and his boss wouldn’t be happy with him drink driving in his work car.

“I have some sympathy, but at .086, you are well over; you should have known,” Mr Mack said.

Orzani said he still “didn’t believe” the BAC reading, but said it “is what it is”.

“I didn’t feel like I was inebriated,” he said.

Mr Mack said he would give Orzani a lucky break with a one month disqualifi­cation and $500 fine.

 ?? ?? Dusty Les Orzani.
Dusty Les Orzani.

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