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AT the centre of it all was a man who lied.

Corey Christense­n’s best mate, Louis Bengoa, (pictured) was the only man outside Dean Webber’s house who lived, but he couldn’t get his story straight.

Mr Bengoa was the man mixing Ms Locke’s drinks at the block party, who then took Ms Locke for a buggy ride, which ended in her injuring her shoulder.

But Mr Bengoa lied to police, telling them he never drove a buggy that night.

He didn’t want to be busted for drink driving.

At the inquest he admitted to lying on his police statement but further questions remain.

Mr Bengoa’s story about how Ms Locke came off the buggy is vastly different from that of Ms Locke.

Mr Bengoa said she didn’t get back on the buggy, but Ms Locke said she did, and asked to get off after feeling uncomforta­ble before running to a nearby stranger’s house.

She knocked on Mr Webber’s door.

From there, Mr Webber’s version of events also differ from Mr Bengoa.

Mr Webber told police he heard yelling and threats before three men barged into the house.

But Mr Bengoa claims he never heard anyone yelling threats.

He said he was urinating when his mates were stabbed, and never went inside.

The next thing he knew, he heard a noise, of what he says was a door coming off its hinges, and he walked back around to see Mr Davy running from the house coughing up blood.

He saw Mr

Christense­n on the ground, rushed over, and sat with him holding his hand as he didn’t know CPR and didn’t have his phone to call triple-0.

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