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Consider yourself in looming danger


WELL, it was nice while it lasted, wasn’t it?

Here we were, living largely unaffected by the Covid goings-on in the states below us.

We took precaution­s, we figured out the QR code app, and realised hand sanitiser and wiping down shopping trolley handles touched by hundreds of people makes sense, pandemic or not.

Busy streets, crowded shopping centres, buzzing worksites; we’ve enjoyed a normality Covidaffec­ted states are craving.

Southern outbreaks have translated into bonus major sporting events played here in front of Covid-free crowds, we scored a boutique-sized State of Origin, an internatio­nal rugby union double-header, and until late on Thursday, rumblings that the NRL Grand Final might even seek refuge in our oasis of awesomenes­s.

But this week brought a breach, and the realisatio­n we are seriously vulnerable and with not even half of us double-jabbed and our vaccinatio­n rate lagging, we need to ask, “why”?

Could our relaxed attitude be to blame – what’s the urgency when life seems so normal?

Do we hate being told what to do, even when it’s in our best interests?

We were told by the Prime Minister that “it’s not a race”, but it is, with NSW intent on the bragging rights of opening up, while Queensland, which shares a border, is nowhere near the mark.

People fall into roughly four groups, “want the vaccine”, “will wait but will get the vaccine”, “will get the vaccine if required”, and “won’t get the vaccine”.

We know vaccinatio­ns will

become a condition of employment in many workplaces, and a condition of entry in others.

If no jab means you can’t work, can’t fly, can’t see a movie, dine out, see a concert or watch sport, what’s your plan? To sit on the sidelines while everyone else gets on with life?

Say a cyclone was headed our way, and instead of preparing, you waited until the winds tossed your outdoor furniture skywards before deciding you should store loose objects.

It’s the same with a pandemic, it’s not “if” but “when” there is an outbreak here, what then?

Are you banking on the flawed

concept of “natural immunity”?

The Delta variant has been dubbed the “pandemic of the unvaccinat­ed” with most hospitalis­ations and deaths, sadly avoidable.

Those who thought they could beat a virus using bravado and misinforma­tion as a shield are leaving shattered family members to rue the reluctance of their loved one to take advantage of a simple, preventive measure.

The choice – epidemiolo­gists with entire careers specialisi­ng in the science of viruses recommendi­ng vaccinatio­n, or conspiraci­es against “Big Pharma”, which ironically, includes the

manufactur­ers of Ivermectin, who’ve literally warned against using their own drug to treat Covid?

I’ve had my two jabs, and the relief of being prepared for this eventualit­y can’t be overstated.

As it is, those “waiting for Pfizer” need to get cracking, it’s now available to 12-15 year-olds and the over-60s, so rock up to the vaccinatio­n hub in the old Joyce Mayne Centre and get protected.

And for the hesitant, if this scare is a dress rehearsal for the real thing, consider yourself on stage, in the spotlight, and woefully, preventabl­y, underprepa­red.

NSW Premier Gladys resigns. Victoria is calling for Premier Andrews to quit over his handling of Covid-19. Now if any luck our Qld Premier may call time as well. But not until after the NRL grand final of course. BLUEWATER BOB.

Message of the day Fran O’callaghan, there’re a lot of people with you, and I’m certain any candidate in next council election having your endorsemen­t would help to get strong independen­t council because this mob is definitely not there for us ratepayers. We need more than Division 10. CRIS, WULGURU.

I was convinced that R. Gledhill is able to walk along The Strand and guarantee that the sea hasn’t risen 3mm since last year (taking into account time, tide, temperatur­e, atmospheri­c pressure and prevailing wind conditions). Ray Peck’s hard data has me back on the “global warming is real” side. STEVE, BELGIAN GARDENS.

The Ray Peck letter is of amazing interest. Climate change not only causes sea levels to rise, but also causes Pacific Island land masses to grow. As per ABC News website “Hundreds of Pacific Islands are getting bigger despite global warming”. This is real and happening right now. Wonder what the locals will do with all that extra land? THE SAINT, CASTLE HILL.

Sad to hear that Gladys is stepping aside in NSW – they’re going lose a fine leader. Wish ours would do the same, but then again, look at our option, Miles! Heaven help us. All the best Gladys, hope all goes well in your future endeavours. What an honourable woman you are. NA, 4812.

Just as predicted the Queensland government has not prepared the health system for Covid-19 and is now looking to the feds to solve all the problems. What’s the point of a health minister if they do not do their job? JR, 4810.

What is wrong people, the list in the TB on Friday 1/1O where you can get vaccinated is very long and enough places to go to get the jab. Are people too lazy or just lackadaisi­cal in their thinking. Without the jab you are putting the whole country at risk.

Come on get the jab! RUSTY, KIRWAN.

I really can’t understand what all the fuss is regarding vaping products now being illegal. Those people jumping up and down should just take up smoking cigarettes. After all they are quite legal and can be purchased at any corner store rather than having to send away for them.


It beggars belief. An asymptomat­ic person who was double vaccinated, who can only pass on weakened virus after close contact, triggers mass panic buying in Townsville (yet again). Thousands turn out to be tested and should go into a fortnight’s home quarantine. Bet they don’t. But they won’t get vaccinated because the fashionabl­e brand in is unavailabl­e. These are the same people who sit stationary at green traffic lights because it’s not their favourite colour. JEFF, CONDON.

Pedro Cranbrook – MP travel costs. Harper is Deputy Speaker and on the VAD committee so was required to be in Brisbane and other places all the time. Stewart as a minister of a portfolio, has a separate travel budget for that role, which explains why his general costs are lower. ANNIE, 4812.

 ?? ?? The Pfizer vaccine is freely available so there’s no excuse not to get jabbed. Picture: NCA Newswire
The Pfizer vaccine is freely available so there’s no excuse not to get jabbed. Picture: NCA Newswire

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