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China building up military and we must be on guard


THE most important question few must ask about China is this – why is China building the biggest army, navy and air force?

No one is invading them, no one is even wanting to.

No one is threatenin­g their way of life, but they are threatenin­g the entire world.

Why are we not taking a lesson from history?

For centuries, every country that wanted to go to war, take another country, flex their muscles to achieve dominance over another country has built an enormous defence force.

There are soldiers and people still alive today who fought in World War II.

They will tell you that the world stood silent while Germany and Japan built an empire that took the whole world years to defeat at the cost of millions of lives.

The politician­s of the time stood idle. The people of the world were unaware or did not want to know. They mistakenly thought the politician­s who are charged to protect them, would do so.

Yet it was a massive failure.

China has got rich because our western world does not make anything anymore.

We watched our jobs disappear; our economy shut down.

We watched China give us so many cheap things, we got addicted to the stuff they made. We made them rich.

In turn they are building the biggest economy and army the world has ever seen and what are we doing? We are doing nothing that matters.

We are shut down in a Covid world that China built.

We are buckling under debt and destructio­n and we are doing nothing.

We think we are safe while China has just signed up Papua New Guinea to a massive Belt and Road project.

We cannot function without trade with China.

We are selling them our resources

and food producing land and still the public does nothing. Just like before World War II.

We have a few brave politician­s shouting out about this but still this has not dented the media, nor the public.

If you pull up at the traffic lights early one morning and look at the hundreds of cars there, not only are the parts in them from China, but the people in them would not even care about what I have written in this letter.

They have a grand final, they have a mortgage, if they are lucky and responsibl­e, they will have a job they are trying to keep, to pay the eight richest men on the planet to keep getting richer.

The reality is that communism and socialism are far distant memories and some line in a history book, no one is giving the march of these vile political systems much thought. Yet they are present, powerful and happening in our society right now.

Sections of the media are riddled with this, our parliament is riddled with this, our universiti­es are riddled with this.

We need to remember, never give away your rights and freedoms, because your grandchild­ren will die getting them back.

DEBRA GIBSON, Pinnacles.


WITH more political interventi­on into our lives, dictating the terms of our way of life, we understand the rise of globalisat­ion and external forces that impact our rights.

Those who protest will be left behind.

Mask and vaccinatio­n mandates are already being forced upon the willing, as well as being a bone of contention for the unwilling. Many businesses already demand customers and workers be fully vaccinated.

Those who don’t play the game may be left out, or lose their rights to move freely in our communitie­s, according to the authoritie­s.

But can they control the recalcitra­nts who oppose any unwelcome restrictio­ns?

In Sydney, it has been proven, unvaccinat­ed constructi­on workers

and tradies were unwittingl­y the most likely to spread the virus. Many workers think that by defying the orders, they can control their lives.

It is a myth. Politician­s, already losing the battle, are determined to restrict the movement and lives of unvaccinat­ed Australian­s.

Opening up to the majority at 70-80 per cent vaccinatio­n rates, those who comply will travel freely. This doesn't deter those who are determined to oppose any force; who continue to ensure the virus will be spread in our communitie­s.

It is a pandemic of the unvaccinat­ed.

It is a simple task to be vaccinated and join the fight against closing down our nation and our lives.

Dragging the chain may mean ever tighter restrictio­ns, while every opportunit­y to open wide the door to our freedom is being sabotaged by the selfish and the upstarts.


Tannum Sands.


OPPONENTS of voluntary assisted dying seem to be continuing their fight even after the recent solid cross-party “yes” vote in the Queensland parliament for the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021 (Letters, “Increased risk” 21/9).

This is a reminder to everyone that those who seek to deny better end-of-life choices to others by imposing their own narrow-minded views will continue their efforts in the hope of repealing the law at some stage in the future.

While 61 MPS voted in favour of the VAD Bill and 30 opposed it, we must be vigilant in protecting it from those who would not think twice about repealing it if and when they ever secure sufficient votes in parliament.

The flimsy arguments mounted by many of the 30 anti-vad MPS show opponents will also not let the facts or evidence get in their way.

I take this opportunit­y to thank all 61 MPS who voted in support of the Bill. They have truly made a huge difference for the better for so many Queensland­ers.

The Member for Thuringowa, Aaron Harper, deserves thanks for the way he conducted two Health Committee inquiries, first into endof-life issues including VAD and a second inquiry into the VAD Bill itself. Without his stewardshi­p we would not have a VAD law.

Not only must we ensure the new law is implemente­d well, and be on guard for any attempts to repeal it, we must also be prepared to argue for any practical and sensible refinement­s we think are needed when it is reviewed in three years.

So while we mark this historic win, we should all recommit ourselves to our cause and continue to work for those terminally ill Queensland­ers who should have the right to choose voluntary assisted dying if and when they determine for themselves that they need it.

DAVID MUIR, Chairman, The Clem Jones Trust Brisbane.

 ?? ?? Troops march during a military parade in Beijing to mark the 70th anniversar­y of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Picture: AFP
Troops march during a military parade in Beijing to mark the 70th anniversar­y of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Picture: AFP
 ?? ?? Get Covid-19 vaccinated, writes a reader. Picture: NCA Newswire
Get Covid-19 vaccinated, writes a reader. Picture: NCA Newswire

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