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A Much-loved nurse of 45 years has decided to hang up her scrubs, leaving behind her “real family” at the Mater Hospital.

Jeanette Hubinger has cared for North Queensland­ers for 45 years after beginning her long career as a registered nurse at Mater Private Hospital.

Ms Hubinger later went on to specialise in cardiac and critical care. She said the Mater had grown from a small regional facility to a major healthcare hub during the course of her career.

“When I first started, we had around 60 beds and two operating theatres,” Ms Hubinger said.

“Today, there are more than 200 beds and about 10,000 operations are performed each year.

“Some things have stayed the same though – Mater felt like a real family when I first started. Everyone knew everyone else and we all worked together. It’s still like that today, even though it’s much bigger.”

Ms Hubinger said the advancemen­t in medical technology over the past four decades had transforme­d the way patients were treated.

“It’s been amazing to see the new innovation­s in operating theatres over the years, from laparoscop­ic and laser surgery to the more recently robotic equipment,” she said.

Ms Hubinger and her husband made the move to Townsville from Tully in 1976 as their son Greg, who has a hearing impairment, needed specialist care that could only be received in Brisbane and Townsville. With family in North Queensland, they decided to call Townsville home.

 ?? ?? Jeanette Hubinger has retired after 45 years at the Mater. Picture: Evan Morgan
Jeanette Hubinger has retired after 45 years at the Mater. Picture: Evan Morgan

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