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I AM Australian and hold an Australian passport even though I was lucky enough to be born in Queensland, a state simply defined by a line on a map, not a different language or culture.

I have been double vaccinated and will happily have a booster if that proves to be of benefit.

I vehemently reject the Premier’s stance on internatio­nal travel.

What right does she have to stop me, an Australian citizen, from choosing to travel outside Australia?

If I am willing to accept the risks it is my right.

I don’t need protecting as the Premier seems to think.

I have survived for 50 plus years without a nanny.

What is the risk to Queensland if I travel overseas for some months? The Premier thought it was OK to travel to Tokyo for the Olympic bid.

If I have to quarantine on return so be it.

However if the Premier is still keeping the borders closed by then it is clear she has no plan in place for Queensland to rejoin the rest of Australia.

Get with the program Premier; rejoin Australia and let Queensland­ers make their own decisions.


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