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NORTH Queensland is regularly described as paradise. We’ve got sun, sand, sweltering hot days, beautiful palm trees and the stunning Magnetic Island. But with the beauty comes a secret danger.

North Queensland­ers’ outdoor lifestyle comes with a brilliant tan (or burn for some of us) – but also a high chance of skin cancer.

Health profession­als are always urging patients to look for anything new, changing or unusual on exposed and sun-protected areas of the body. While most moles, brown spots and growths on the skin are harmless, some are not.

When Mount Isa mum Terri Grosser flagged a mole with her GP, they said it was fine.

But a few months later, the mole was itchy and bleeding. With the mum-of-three just desperate to get some relief, she returned to the doctor to have it removed.

It was that moment that led to a years-long battle with melanoma.

She’s had countless surgeries, two years of immunother­apy and the cancer is still plaguing her life.

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