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Gladys B resigned because she is being investigat­ed by NSW anti corruption commission. Yet we have people lamenting her resignatio­n but wanting to attack our Premier for looking after us and keeping Qld almost free of Covid Delta strain. Give me six cases against 900 any day. I know which Premier I would prefer. GJ, HYDE PARK.

It is tragic the young car thieves died. It is tragic the driver will live with that memory for the rest of his life. But we have to remember that they knew and accepted the risks when they broke into someone’s house, stole the car and joy-rode around town. Actions have consequenc­es, and these have played out now. JR, 4812.

Please spare me the heart and flowers saga over the teenager who killed his friends. A lot of kids have had a tragic upbringing and didn’t turn to crime.

The only tragedy here is the ‘system’ that has failed over and over again. Fix these dysfunctio­nal systems, do away with the goody goody approach and come down hard on the perpetrato­rs, the family. M J REYNOLDS, MT LOUISA.

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