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Absolutely amazing. How blessed Sealink has been to have a worker like Tony Wilson. (TB Oct 2). Some 42 years of service sailing the equivalent of 30 times around the world. Townsville and Magnetic Island should honour this man. They could name a boat or


Has anyone else noticed that the PM has been relegated 2nd in the list of the most powerful people in Australia? The most uncooperat­ive premiers equally hold the most powerful position. How did we let the incompeten­t Anna-thearrogan­t become so dominant? Then, just three rungs below, come the CHOS, public servants running our lives according to some secret data we aren’t allowed to know. That’s bloody frightenin­g. And now we see this obstinate diarchy grimly hanging on to power, trying to keep Qld isolated from the rest of the world. JEFF, CONDON.

I wonder why Shari persists in going back to the pre-delta strain of the pandemic days? The PM was right in saying we weren’t in a race back then. I wonder why Shari never mentioned that Qld is running a

distant last in the vaccinatio­n race and the Premier, Deputy Premier, Health Minister and chief health officer had a fair bit to do with slowing the vaccinatio­n rate down. RON, KELSO.

Heard the Barra Fun Park had reopened after issues with insurance and closed for over a year. So took the grandkids on Saturday and what a fantastic day we had. Highly recommende­d to all the big adult kids and small kids! BOB, 4818.

NA 4812. Cannot believe you are singing the praises of Gladys. She has presided over the highest number of Covid cases in the country. Why do you think the Qld border is closed to NSW. And whose government let the disease into Australia when they let 2000 people walk off the Ruby Princess

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