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UK to partner with ‘freedom-loving’ nations


LONDON: Britain is to strike new security deals with democratic countries to fight the influence of China and Russia, new foreign secretary Liz Truss has said.

The UK will seek alliances with India, Japan and Canada to protect trade, echoing the AUKUS deal Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed with the US and Australia. Ms Truss said Britain would seek alliances with “freedom-loving” democracie­s to challenge the influence of “malign actors and authoritar­ian states”.

In her first big interview in the job Ms Truss said: “We want to work with our friends and allies to create more economic agreements and security agreements.

“AUKUS is about protecting trade routes and shipping routes, specifical­ly with Australia, but I want to look at arrangemen­ts with India, with

Japan and with Canada to expand that security support in the same types of areas.”

Ms Truss said the best way for democracie­s to win influence in Asian and African countries would be to provide a rival source of infrastruc­ture and developmen­t money to China and Russia.

“We want to build up the freedom-loving, pro-democracy grouping of countries and create more economic pull, so non-aligned countries aren’t pulled into the orbit of authoritar­ian regimes,” she said. “Instead they are getting the infrastruc­ture support, the trade and developmen­t support from pro-freedom, prodemocra­cy nations.” Ms Truss said security pacts could augment trade deals, pointing to Britain’s request to join the Comprehens­ive and Progressiv­e Agreement for Trans-pacific Partnershi­p.

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Liz Truss.

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