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Woman feels like ‘sitting duck’ after her car among 10 pinched


A TOWNSVILLE woman feels like a “sitting duck” after her car was stolen during a night of crime across the city.

Courtnee Paterson’s car was stolen on Sunday night, one of ten pinched from around the city in the same evening.

A serving Townsville police officer’s home was also broken into, and their car was stolen.

The brazen theft of Ms Paterson’s Kia Cerato has left her feeling “unsettled”, following her third brush with crime this year.

Ms Paterson said she had parked her car at a friend’s Mount Louisa address on Sunday evening, but it wasn’t until past 11pm she realised her car keys and wallet had been snatched from the kitchen table.

At the time of the break and enter, Ms Paterson, her friend, and her three large dogs were inside the home, with all the lights on.

Speaking to the Townsville Bulletin, she said she had been “distraught” when she realised her car and dogs were gone, and couldn’t believe how brazen the car thieves had been.

“They got over a six foot (high) fence, got past the three dogs and got into the house while everyone was home, with the lights on … and got into the kitchen and took the keys,” Ms Paterson said.

“They opened the gates, let the dogs out, and got away with my car.”

The theft of her car is the third time Ms Paterson has experience­d a close call with crime this year, after her Rosslea unit and car were targeted in attempted thefts in March and June.

“It made me feel so unsettled to think they walked through the yard, and the back patio, through the back door and got into the kitchen,” she said.

Ms Paterson said she was grateful her dogs were found safe and sound, but said the ordeal had left her feeling “helpless”, and questionin­g what more could be done.

“I have had my car a long time, I love it … (but) I can replace that – I can’t replace p my animals,” she said.

“How many times are we sitting ducks here? We have our hands tied.”

A Queensland police spokesman said while the cars had been stolen from different areas across the city, four had either been located or taken from Pallarenda.

“It’s not really a common area for car thefts, but they have obviously targeted that area,” the spokesman said.

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