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A PIZZA delivery man will be looking for a new line of work after losing his licence for driving while on a suspended licence.

Brett Daniel Matton (pictured) has been taken off the road for 12 months for driving in Bowen on two separate occasions after his licence was suspended for exceeding the speed limit by more than 40km/h.

Bowen Magistrate­s Court heard Matton’s licence was suspended for six months from August 10, and CCTV cameras captured him driving to the Caltex service station on Richmond Rd less than a week later.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors told the court an informant contacted police about 8.20pm on August 16 to tell them Matton was driving near the service station “gloating that police couldn’t get him”, and CCTV footage confirmed the report.

Sergeant Myors said police caught Matton driving again on August 23, and pulled him over on Herbert St about 9.15pm.

While representi­ng himself in court last Tuesday, Matton said he was unaware his licence was suspended at the time of the offences as he “didn’t receive paperwork in relation to that”.

The Bowen and Airlie Beach Domino’s delivery driver also told the court he had been “involved in a truck accident that resulted in a fatality” on August 8 and had sustained injuries in that incident that were “substantia­l enough to cause amnesia at that point in time”.

Acting Magistrate Rob Turra fined Matton $800 and disqualifi­ed his licence for 12 months.

Mr Turra said he reduced the fine amount in recognitio­n the disqualifi­cation would mean Matton lost his job and was “clearly going to have some difficulty to pay it”.

“It’s not the end of the world for you, it’s a lesson,” Mr Turra said.

“Don’t drive, wait out this 12 months, and then when you get your licence back, be very aware of how much you should guard your licence.”

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