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GJ The problem we have is that our premier isn’t authentic. She has a very large media team telling her what to say every day. Qld is lucky that government stuff ups haven’t resulted in community transmissi­on. We don’t have the population density of vic a


There was great fanfare about our Auto Precinct. It is ridiculous that the North’s capital city, is still waiting for an internatio­nal speedway and drag strip.


What a joke our judicial system is. The driver of a stolen vehicle kills 4 of his passengers and get 5 years maximum. That’s 15 months for each life taken. Even less if he gets out after serving 60 per cent. Disgracefu­l. Should be 5 years for each life and the. Extra for stealing etc.


The Saint, Castle Hill - I wonder why the global warming conspirato­rs let the expanding atoll study get published when it disproves everything? Oh, wait, I forgot: there is no conspiracy and the finding that some islands grew during =2.2mm/year sea level rise isn’t much comfort when we’re now at =3.6mm/year and accelerati­ng. STEVE, BELGIAN GARDENS

Hi ed. Where’s our Government and preparatio­n for this pandemic in Aus. Shame on them at the top for not having the foresight to think it could come here. ppe. Like masks available for all Australian­s after Health and safety/first responders. Pandemic began in 2019. Why isn’t everybody being issued with masks/ppe. available

expansion of Mcdonald’s and turned the company into the world’s most successful fastfood corporatio­n.

1933 DIANE CILENTO Australian actor

Born in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Cilento earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her performanc­e in the 1963 movie, Tom Jones. Other notable films she starred in include Hombre, and The Wicker Man. Cilento died in 2011, at the age of 79.

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