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Bringing a dream team of thinkers into the discussion


“NET Zero” may go down as the most overused phrase of 2021, but what does it actually mean for Australia, and how on earth do we reach such an ambitious goal?

News Corp journalist Joe Hildebrand will today lead a panel discussion on the net zero question, bringing together a dream team of scientists, entreprene­urs and policy mak

ers who will share their candid thoughts and ideas on how Australia can transition to a clean energy future.

Streaming live on all News

Corp metro and regional masthead websites from 1pm AEDT, the hour-long forum is presented as part of our Mission Zero series.

It promises to be a lively contest of ideas as experts delve into the nitty gritty of emissions, the economic costs and opportunit­ies of new energy, and whether the “climate wars” really might be coming to an end.

Inventor and energy consultant Saul Griffiths will argue why we should electrify everything, Julie Shuttlewor­th from Fortescue Future Industries will hype the case for hydrogen, and investment expert Mark Carnegie will reveal why the answer to our carbon crisis could be in the ocean.

They’ll be joined by Nicky Ison from WWF Australia, Tony Wood from the Grattan Institute and former Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, who promises to illuminate Australia’s net zero pathway by sorting out what’s possible as we grapple with this issue, and what’s just a pipedream.

As the experts will discuss, net zero will touch our lives in ways we may not yet appreciate: everything from the energy we use in homes, to the cars we use, careers we follow, and our country’s prosperity. Tune in to the livestream to see how net zero will affect you from 1pm AEDT and have your say by sharing your views by emailing missionzer­

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