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Dreams can come true

Rupen takes Cooper for a ride


THE Townsville community has answered a mum’s plea to make her homesick son’s Lamborghin­i dream come true.

Cooper Murphy, 7, went for a ride in the opulent yellow Lamborghin­i owned by local business operator Rupen Singh over the weekend, after Cooper’s mother Alex placed a call on social media asking if someone in Townsville could make her son’s dream a reality.

The feedback was immediate and overwhelmi­ng, with numerous residents offering to give Cooper his dream car ride.

After his mum decided that Mr Singh’s ride ticked all the boxes, Cooper got his experience of a lifetime.

“We got to Rupen’s and they made sure to keep it inside the garage when we arrived, and then we asked him to have a look inside and that’s when his face just lit up,” Alex said.

“He said ‘mum, that's a Lamborghin­i!’

“They went on a ride for about 10 minutes and Cooper just j t loved l d it, i he h told me ‘oh my God that was so fun’.”

Alex and Cooper moved to Townsville from Mackay about a month ago, and the change hasn’t been all smooth sailing for young Cooper.

Nervous about moving away from home, and even more so about going to a new school, Alex noticed quickly that her usually cheery son was not himself.

“My son took it really hard because we had such a big community of friends,” she said.

“He also just got glasses and braces, and the world is a bit cruel and he does worry, but all of his new friends have accepted ce him. “He also al lost his best friend, fr my dad, quite qu tragically two tw years ago and they th were best buddies. bu

“That did affect fe him a lot. “I just wanted him h to smile again, ag because a little lit spark of him wasn’t there”

Alex noticed Cooper had become a huge fan of Lamborghin­i cars in recent months, and while she is unsure just exactly how he found his love of the Italian luxury sports car, she knew that it was the key to making him happy. “Everywhere we go, he will point at a car and go ‘is that a Lamborghin­i?’,” she said.

“He’s just obsessed with them.”

Alex said she was extremely grateful for the generosity and support shown by the Townsville community.

“It’s a big town, but it still has that sense of community and it’s really special,” she said.

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 ?? ?? Cooper Murphy, 7, in front of the Lamborghin­i, and (below) with owner Rupen Singh.
Cooper Murphy, 7, in front of the Lamborghin­i, and (below) with owner Rupen Singh.

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