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Kids create signs to stop litterbugs


TUGGING at the heart strings is a new tactic being employed by Townsville school students in an effort to stop Townsville’s illegal rubbish dumpers.

Littering grubs may reconsider their life choices after reading heartfelt messages painted by Enkindle Village School students on recycled corflute signs that will be erected at known dumping sites.

Anti-dumping crusader and founder of local clean-up group TIDY Dave Dudley proposed the innovative educationa­l initiative to the Douglas school to create awareness about illegal dumping and encourage clean-up activities.

After receiving donations of paint from Dulux Townsville and corflutes from election candidates Nick Dametto and Scott Piper, he dropped the materials off at the school last month and the kids went to work on the signs.

When Mr Dudley collected the signs, he got the kids talking after dressing in a disguise and dumping some rubbish in the bushland next to the classroom.

Upon returning to the school with Townsville City councillor Fran O’callaghan and the Department of Environmen­t and Science’s Rachel Allen, Mr Dudley gave the kids a pop quiz.

He asked them to describe the dumper, his vehicle, and whether they wrote down a registrati­on number.

The students were then led out to investigat­e the dumped material to see if they could find clues establishi­ng the dumper’s identity.

Enkindle student Kirra Truscott said it was fun making the signs and learning about illegal dumping.

“It felt good to be making something that someone would see and maybe it would change their mind about illegal dumping,” Kirra said.

She had a blunt message for those contemplat­ing dumping their rubbish.

“Don’t do it. It may be your planet now, but you’re giving it to us,” she said.

Teacher Janelle Hayes said the topic presented a great opportunit­y for students to combine art with what they were learning in English about persuading people with a message.

“It’s mainly building awareness for the future and also to tell their parents what they’re learning at school and the sustainabi­lity factor.”

Ms Hayes encouraged other schools to get onboard to create a link between the classroom and the community, while letting kids know they can make a difference and look to the future.

 ?? ?? Enkindle Village School students show off their handpainte­d signs that will feature at rubbish dumping sites.
Enkindle Village School students show off their handpainte­d signs that will feature at rubbish dumping sites.

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