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Just get it done. NRL rugby league legend and Townsville junior Gorden Tallis has urged the Indigenous community to have the Covid-19 vaccinatio­n. The proud Indigenous role model said it was an easy decision to be vaccinated, and even easier was the jab itself, which Tallis said was over before he knew it.

For such a quick and easy process, the benefits to the individual and the wider community are priceless.

A vaccinated population will be able to move on with normal life, and the more vulnerable people in society will be safer.

Not only that, family and friends living in different states and territorie­s will be able to see each other face-toface, and not be constraine­d by any bureaucrat­ic hurdles that can turn a simple visit into a living nightmare.

“Me getting the jab helps everybody and nothing comes out of my pocket. I can’t see any negatives in it whatsoever, it’s a win-win in my books,” Tallis said.

“It’s important for the North Queensland community, it’s important for Indigenous communitie­s and it’s very important for Australia that we all do this.”

Proper is communicat­ion the key

Indigenous vaccinatio­n rates in Townsville are almost half that of the city’s general population, with 41.2 per cent having their first dose and 29.9 per cent fully vaccinated.

On Palm Island the figures are even more alarming, with 36.4 per cent receiving their first jab and 29 per cent their second.

Misinforma­tion, scaremonge­ring and mistrust is rife in Indigenous communitie­s, so proper communicat­ion is the key, and even though the vaccinatio­n rates are lower within Indigenous communitie­s for now, they can be improved.

These have been scary times and the pain for everyone has been immense, but just a little bit of effort will see us through.

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