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Politics a game to appease the masses


PEOPLE can wonder why; what is the reason for writing these letters to the editor? Personally it is for love of my country; my care for what takes place here.

Commonsens­e, prudence and genuine considerat­ion is not always applied to certain matters which do in fact need more thought to be able to arrive at logical conclusion­s.

Often these conclusion­s, these decisions, will not always suit everyone simply because people think in different ways, and here is where politics come into play and rears its quirky little head.

Left-wing reasoning doesn’t always take into considerat­ion the true basics of an issue but aims to please those who it feels would favour their vote and support.

Hence their intent and objective at satisfying a great number of the populace who in many cases are not concerned with reality, but sport and entertainm­ent.

And so in down to earth language, football stadiums and pop-concert venues are preferred to reel in unthinking pollsters and therefore win elections.

Water storage, dams and reservoirs which are desperatel­y needed are neglected as a “who gives a care” topic.

And another pressing issue; we have a caring, responsibl­e federal government who are doing their

very best that they can, to fight against, and combat China’s intentions towards this country. And to those who haven’t taken much notice of this particular topic, it is very serious indeed.

In plain terms, China wants this country. Now that’s putting it into honest, down-to-earth language. We have a federal government doing the right thing for Australia to retain our freedom and the good country that it still is.

And another plain, down-toearth reality is; that a Labor government would demonstrat­e its weakness and give in; just ask Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd!

Enough for now. Just enjoy this lovely, free and open country that you/ we have, and thank you lucky stars that you live here.




Youth crime in Townsville has reached a level of complete disgrace. The ongoing carjacking­s, house invasions, robberies and trespassin­g is out of control.

These juvenile delinquent offenders are getting away with far too much, and the Townsville police need better resources so they can do more to stop it.

The consequenc­es for recidivist offenders, too, appear to be treated lightly in our courts.

We need harsher punishment­s,

because what we have is not working. Townsville has turned from a safe, secure town, to ranking as the third highest town in the state for recidivist offenders (TB. 25/05.21). As a teenager in this community, I am appalled by the level of crime that continues to rise, and am truly, deeply concerned for the future of our city.

We need to feel safe in our homes again, and not be in constant fear of potentiall­y having young teenagers trying to break into our homes and/or steal our cars.



After decades of being increasing­ly burdened by relentless regulation purporting to be essential to save our planet from devastatin­g Climate Change and harassed by environmen­tal and animal justice groups, farmers and graziers can have a better future by fully embracing the opportunit­ies of

Net Zero Emission.

The opportunit­y for freedom from the stress and fears of fines or imprisonme­nt as a result of failing to meet the requiremen­ts of the Vegetation Management and Reef Protection regulation­s, no more worries about water supplies or weather-related disaster events

together with the guaranteed end of your land being invaded by protesters is here.

Embrace Net Zero, stop growing food, cease raising livestock and lease your land to renewable energy promoters to provide Wind and Solar Farms.

In no time all the necessary approvals will be granted and the bulldozers clear all the vegetation and in no time, turbines will be sprouting from the grown while fields will be in full bloom of solar arrays.

No more getting up at the crack of dawn to toil all day, just at your leisure check your bank account to check that the energy company has deposited their latest monthly rental payment. Of course you will retain a small holding to grow food and raise livestock for your own consumptio­n and as you sit down with your family to enjoy your nightly meal of fresh home grown meat, vegetables and fruit, you will relish it even more with the knowledge that the politician­s, bureaucrat­s, protesters, their cheer squads and greater population that enabled the destructio­n of your industries will be dining on imported fruit and vegetables, grown in unknown conditions together with plant based chemical enhanced patties or stir fried insects.

BILL BATES, Kewarra Beach

JACK, ADALE, well said, mate, who would want to risk health “care” from such Ill-informed imbeciles, get rid of them, I say, our health system doesn’t need “practition­ers” with such low intelligen­ce! Same goes for the police, they are employed to discourage protests and riots, not join them! REBECCA, MUNDINGBUR­RA 4812

Libra, Condon. That’s saying those police officers are guilty by associatio­n, you’d fit in well at the ICAC.


Pop up clinics everywhere Bunnings snag and a jab. REALLY 1 million dollar lotto. Anna must be desperate. I feel if people wanted this jab we all would have had it by now. There are a lot of people who do NOT want to be forced into this so give it a rest and leave us alone.


Ol Bob Katter’s letter was a complete embarrassm­ent, from an old conservati­ve dinosaur that couldn’t be bothered with those pesky facts and figures. Lazy drums of war rhetoric to keep people scared and voting his way. Only far left lilypads want it closed now. the more sensible ones can see the

Attended the Seniors Expo, what a great collection of free merchandis­e and a wealth of informatio­n. How lucky are we to be presented with all this for FREE. Loved to see some of the contributo­rs dressed in the Groovy theme. The best being the Bolton Clarke stall. Best showbag was Morley’s. For those who complained there weren’t enough freebies, why go? Stop away! I bet you go to the FREE seniors lunch on Thursday though. Shame on you. Thank you Tsv Council for putting together this Seniors week. Very well organised. Well done writing on the wall.


So the Premier of Qld is personally flying into Townsville at taxpayers expense to announce 7 new pop up vaccinatio­n clinics! Obviously none of the 3 local members, the mayor, councillor­s or anyone in the local State health system is capable of

carrying out this menial task. RON KELSO.

I openly admit I am a NIMBY, the truth be known we all are, even the do gooder bleeding hearts, but they live in a hypocritic­al dream world of denial. I respectful­ly ask JEN N.ward, who thinks it’s just dandy to have the reserve in Cranbrook built out with social housing, to promote the same idea for Queens Gardens to be reused for, you guessed it, social housing. Not a good idea JEN, hmm, you’re as big a NIMBY as me. Hands off Cranbrook! PEDRO CRANBROOK

I really hope that I will still be around in 2050 so I can witness the world NOT reach net zero emissions. Really, anyone with half a brain can see that this can never ever be reached. RAYB KIRWAN.

To all the lovely people who helped my mum and I outside Willows on Tuesday morning a huge thank you. Thanks also to the ED staff, you are all wonderful. ALISON. KELSO.

Just reading the letter from D Bilton West End don’t know what type of car you drive but the clutch in my car is on the left brake pedal is next to the accelerato­r. BRIAN STUART.

How come BOM can get it so wrong and still keep their jobs. Still waiting for the huge hailstones. WAYNE 4815

Maintenanc­e of rental properties is a real concern for most tenants. Rule of thumb for all landlords if you wouldn’t pay excessive rent for run down properties then don’t ask anyone else to! D 4817

 ?? ?? Politics has become a game of pleasing the masses, rather than doing what’s right for the country according to a letter writer.
Politics has become a game of pleasing the masses, rather than doing what’s right for the country according to a letter writer.
 ?? ??

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