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Frewen set to fire up NQ vaccine push


TOWNSVILLE is one of eight local government areas in the sights of the head of the national Covid-19 vaccine taskforce.

Lieutenant General John Frewen, who is leading the country’s vaccine push, is trying to ignite a fire in North Queensland­ers to get the state up to national standard in vaccine numbers in time for the borders to open on December 17.

General Frewen, (pictured) who was stationed with 1RAR at Lavarack for part of his service, said Townsville had one of the lowest vaccinatio­n rates for a large population centre. He has also written to Cairns Regional Council.

“There is clearly some issues, for whatever reason, in those population­s,

some of it is hesitancy, some of it is misinforma­tion, misunderst­anding and some of it is complacenc­y,” he said.

“Just to make sure we are leaving no stone unturned in trying to help population­s get vaccinated.”

General Frewen said with NSW and Victoria opening up, internatio­nal travel was returning and Delta would spread.

He said the Delta strain did not discrimina­te, it moves fast and goes after people who are not vaccinated.

“It’s going to move to points of vulnerabil­ity and points of vulnerabil­ity are where there is no vaccinatio­n,” he said.

General Frewen said he was also looking at the Indigenous population­s and cohorts that needed to be addressed.

“There is also … in many Indigenous communitie­s complacenc­y, and it is complacenc­y born of the fact that they haven’t had significan­t outbreaks,” he said.

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