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THE humble compost pile could play a meaningful role in addressing climate change.

But too many of us, says Monty Compost founder Ashley Baxter, find it too difficult or gross or aren’t doing it properly even when we do.

The 25-year-old aims to change via a “personal trainer” for your compost — a smart environmen­tal sensor that tracks markers such as temperatur­e, humidity and volatile organic compounds.

A mobile app then provides informatio­n, alerts and suggestion­s to ensure the compost stays in prime condition.

“Compost is an incredible solution to climate change,” Ms Baxter said.

“It recycles food waste, it produces organic fertiliser which can replace artificial fertiliser­s, it sequesters carbon and it reduces water demand. Three billion tonnes of organic waste is produced every year globally. If that can be efficientl­y recycled that is a really massive opportunit­y.”

While Ms Baxter is on a mission to get the globe composting, she stresses it’s not just about dumping food scraps in a bin in your backyard.

Ms Baxter began developing the Monty sensor while studying at the University of Queensland.

The company has rolled out 1000 monitors as it continues to test the device.

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