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Appalling homeless and poverty issues


It appals me to see so many people forced to live on the streets, maybe because of the actions of greedy landlords, or for some other reason.

Right up to the mid-90s, I got sick of living in boarding houses, and decided to do something about it.

So I applied for a one-bedroom flat at the Department of Housing here in Townsville.

That was back in 1995, and I was told that there was a four-year wait for one, but I went ahead anyway.

In the interim, I took my name off the list twice, to avoid the hassle of furnishing an empty unit, which would have included carpeting, but I always ended up seeing the practical side, and reapplied, and as things turned out, it was a very smart move, because 6.5 years later, I was given a set of keys to a very nice unit that was already carpeted, and after almost 20 years, I’m still here, and have never looked back.

I still recall it as one of the right decisions I ever made.


West End.


There must be a federal election looming based on the usual

Phoenix projects rising from the bottom draw (TB Oct 20).

More investigat­ive funding has been promised for the Big Rocks Weir. Should create a few geotechnic­al jobs if it eventuates.

We have yet to see the economics as opposed to the politics.

Then we had Bob Katter swinging in behind coal mining.

Bob, it will be China (that has mainly banned Aussie thermal coal and ceased funding new coal plants) and corrupt India that determine the future of our coal.

I would have thought it was smarter to swing in behind Copperstri­ng 2.0 and the opportunit­ies it presents Mt Isa, Townsville and future copper developmen­ts in the North West.

The electrific­ation of everything and decarbonis­ation of the economy perhaps promises sustained high prices for copper for the next few decades.

In fact, if COP 26 in Glasgow gets serious the next decade might rival the China Boom of 2001-2013 for some commodity producers. Europe and Japan and the Democrat-governed USA will be less likely to buy Australian copper made using coal power.

All this seems irrelevant as the Nationals and KAP battle for the coal vote instead of the national

interest. Can we please see a plan. GLENN WHITE, Kelso.


When it comes to climate change policy, Australia is fast becoming a world embarrassm­ent.

We are but a few weeks out from the COP 26 climate conference in Glasgow, where world leaders will step up and propose serious commitment­s to mitigate the increasing impacts of climate change.

And what will Australia offer? Sweet bugger all.

Our federal government can’t even commit to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, a target now so inadequate many countries are now pushing for net-zero much earlier.

Our government’s attempt to produce an effective climate policy has become a fiasco.

Right now, Australia’s climate policy is being held hostage by 21 MPS and senators in the Nationals party room, who represent a thin fraction of the country. Any commitment to net zero will likely cost the taxpayer hundreds of billions, extorted by the Nats. Is this democracy?

In the meantime, Barnaby

Joyce claims that his party needs more time to assess any proposed Coalition policy. More time? The Coalition has been in power for eight years! How much more time do they need? Maybe it is time Mr Joyce and the rest of the Coalition did their job: sit down and produce an effective climate policy that will help the world keep the lid on global warming.

A good starting point would be to set an effective goal to take to Glasgow: 50 per cent carbon emissions reduction by 2030 and net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Come on Australia, show some real leadership.

TONY FONTES, Jubilee Pocket


Fascinatin­g reading about plans to deal with the longstandi­ng juvie crime issue here in Crimes, er Townsville. Anastacia and her puppet commission­er seem to think more talkfests will solve the problem. Ha!

By the time any results are forthcomin­g, the current crop will have misbehavin­g grandkids of their own. How can I make this statement? Only 30-plus years of experience.

GEOFF RATH, Aitkenvale.

A message to our premier. Please don’t threaten the people of North Queensland and please don’t treat us like preppies. Just remember who put you, where you are and act like a leader and not like an overbearin­g despot. DOT FROM DOUGLAS

LG Wulguru, the vaccinatio­n push isn’t targeted towards the anti-vax nutters - nothing is going to convince those twerps - but towards those who have been “too busy,” haven’t got around to it, or who get their info from mates on Facebook rather than the medical profession­als. JACK ADALE

Now cue the splutterin­g texts from the anti-vaxxers screaming they are living under a “totalitari­an regime,” blissfully ignorant that the fact that they are free to protest means they obviously aren’t in one. In 3 . . 2 . . 1 . . THE CREDIBLE HULK MT LOUISA Wayne 4815, predicting the weather isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s very hard to predict by itself, plus, anything and everything that happens in the world will slightly affect the weather. Plus, they only said it was a possibilit­y. MATT 4818

The headline Endless War On Illegal Dumpers reminded me of my ol’

Another youth crime plan. Every hardcore juvenile offender in Qld will be put on a tailored plan to stop their cycle of crime. Can you see it? Tailored silk clothing, tucking them into bed at night under tailored satin sheets and reading them calming fairytales till they go to sleep. This social engineerin­g State Govt just don’t get it! When will the victims of these criminals be afforded some considerat­ion? neighbour in Kelso many moons ago. He hailed from a small isolated farm in NSW, and a “grub” dumped a ute load of rubbish on his property. He sifted thru it, found the owners name and address on paperwork, loaded it all onto his tipper, and returned it all to the owners driveway. Ouch! Perhaps the council should try this

method on the Townsville “grubs”. PEDRO CRANBROOK

Good letter from Summer in TB yesterday, yes we are all very concerned about the escalation rate and seriousnes­s of the crime rate in Townsville, It’s beyond the joke. Don’t be alarmed people the solution in yesterday’s paper states the top 10% of these offenders, that’s the real bad lot, will have a tailored plan put in place for them to curb their behaviour. Everyone will feel safer now knowing the worst of these offenders will have a tailored plan to stop them playing up. What an absolute joke! W CHARTERS TOWERS

Council is only now set to move on illegal dumping. One has to ask what it has been doing until now, certainly not keeping the city clean. So about 500 cases have been reported to it but they have managed to begin investigat­ing 10 per cent of them and have managed to identify .5 per cent and take action. Sounds like pretty poor performanc­e to me. If council led by example and kept roads and parks maintained then didn’t charge stupid prices to legally dump rubbish things might be different. DAVE BUSHYBEACH

If the Queensland Health minister was REALLY concerned about the public’s health she would ban them from going to Macdonald’s, Hungry Jacks and the other junk food outlets. Then the peoples immune systems would improve immensely by eating healthy food. Food for thought indeed.


 ?? ?? The housing and poverty crisis continues to worsen in Townsville according to readers.
The housing and poverty crisis continues to worsen in Townsville according to readers.
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