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October 22 birthdays


1811 FRANZ LISZT Hungarian composer

Liszt gained renown in Europe in the early 19th Century for his skill as a pianist. He was a prolific composer and left behind an extensive and diverse body of work that influenced many who followed him.

1913 BAO DAI Vietnamese Emperor

Dai was the 13th and final emperor of the Nguyen dynasty, the last ruling family of Vietnam. He was emperor during the time of French administra­tion and after the Japanese ousted the French. He was ousted in a referendum in 1955.

1917 JOAN FONTAINE British-american actor

Fontaine is best known for her roles during the Golden

Age of Hollywood, appearing in 45 films in a career than spanned five decades. She received her first of three Academy Award nomination­s for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Rebecca.

1942 ANNETTE FUNICELLO American singer/actor

Funicello began her career at the age of 12 as one of the most popular Mousketeer­s on the original Mickey Mouse Club. As a teenager, she transition­ed to a successful career as a singer and a film actor, often appearing alongside Frankie Avalon.

1952 JEFF GOLDBLUM American actor

Goldblum has starred in some of the highest-grossing films of his era, including

Jurassic Park and Independen­ce Day. His other film credits include The Big Chill, The Fly and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

1968 SHAGGY Jamaican musician

Born Orville Richard Burrell, Shaggy scored hits with his songs It Wasn’t Me, Boombastic, In The Summerime and Oh Carolina. He has been nominated for seven Grammy Awards, winning twice for Best Reggae Album.

1969 SPIKE JONZE American director

Jonze started his career as a teenager photograph­ing BMX riders and skateboard­ers. His feature film directing career started with Being John Malkovich. He won an Academy Award for the film Her.


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