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Ongoing dispute leads to punches, ‘fly kick’ outside theatre


WHAT Burdekin locals witnessed after attending the Burdekin Theatre on June 19 wasn’t quite in the realm of a Shakespear­ean tragedy, but it was certainly dramatic.

Two young men who fought outside the theatre threw a number of punches at one another, with one of the men attempting a “fly kick” that failed spectacula­rly.

Beau Cameron Johnson, Ethan William Bell and Brett Andrew Bell pleaded guilty at the Ayr Magistrate­s Court to the charge of taking part in a fight that alarmed the public.

Prosecutor Angela Goodwin said the fight occurred on June 19 at 10.15pm, 100m from the Burdekin Theatre.

Ms Goodwin said Johnson confronted Ethan Bell in Young St about a previous incident, and after their brief confrontat­ion Johnson stated the vehicle registrati­on of Bell’s sister as he was talking to someone on the phone.

Bell’s sister then followed Johnson to his car and stood in front of him, before she was pushed aside by the defendant.

Ms Goodwin said this resulted in Ethan Bell pushing Johnson in retaliatio­n.

“Johnson and Ethan Bell were punching each other. As they jostled backwards onto the roadway, the defendant, Johnson, attacked with a fly kick to Ethan Bell, but he fell over,” Ms Goodwin said.

“The defendant got back up and immediatel­y went towards Ethan Bell again. Ethan Bell punched the defendant and they continued fighting, both punching with closed fists. Ethan Bell held the defendant’s hair, and the defendant Johnson leant forward and punched him in the head numerous times.

“Ethan’s father, Brett Bell, arrived. He grabbed the defendant Johnson and pushed him into the garden bed in the centre of Young St.

“He then punched Johnson before he stepped away. The defendant Johnson spat on Brett Bell, and they started to punch each other after being separated.”

Brett and Ethan Bell’s solicitor, Bradley Searston, said Brett only stepped into the fight intending to stop it, and said when he realised who it was he oversteppe­d the mark.

“He stated he did this because he threatened his family and when he punched the second time it was in self-defence.

“This all occurred as an ongoing dispute between my client (Ethan Bell) and Beau Johnson,” he said.

Mr Searston said alcohol was not a factor in the incident.

Magistrate Ross Mack said the fight between Ethan Bell and Johnson was madness.

“If someone had been hurt, one of you goes to jail for a period and your productive life is over,” Mr Mack said.

“The people of the Burdekin don’t deserve to have this on display as they are leaving the Burdekin Theatre.”

Mr Mack placed Brett Bell on a recognisan­ce for nine months in the sum of $500. He placed Ethan Bell and Johnson on a recognisan­ce for 12 months in the sum of $1000. No conviction­s were recorded.

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