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Man jailed after ‘atrocious’ behaviour towards police


A MAN on a suspended sentence with a nonchalant attitude sported a singlet in court and laughed when the prosecutor said he told a police officer to feel his nutsack.

Jay James Harrison-williams, pleaded guilty at the Ayr Magistrate­s Court to obstructin­g a police officer and committing a public nuisance offence.

Prosecutor Angela Goodwin, said police were called to attend an address in Home Hill on September 25, at 1.35am in relation to a domestic violence incident.

“While police attempted to investigat­e the incident, an uninvolved male in the dwelling started acting aggressive­ly towards the police,” Ms Goodwin said.

“The defendant aggressive­ly yelled loudly ‘get the f--k out of my house, where is your f--king warrant’.

“The defendant continued to obstruct police. He was heard yelling ‘can you show me your motherf--king warrants, don’t bring your s--t in here’.

“Police continued to issue warnings, and he was arrested as he failed to comply with any warnings. He was taken to the police vehicle where he continued swearing saying ‘I don’t give two flying f--ks about it. Feel my nutsack’.”

Magistrate Ross Mack said Harrison-williams had $9000 in unpaid fines and previously had the benefit of community service, however, they hadn’t deterred him.

“Your behaviour towards police continues to be atrocious,” he said. Mr Mack sentenced Harrison-williams to four months’ jail, with parole set for November 15.

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