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Andy was al­ways my favourite surfer. He was just re­lent­less in the water. He’d do any­thing on any wave, on any sec­tion. He never held back. He’d do turns where no one else would do turns. He gave ev­ery­thing more than 100%. That photo of him do­ing a bot­tom turn at Pipe with his ris­ing sun surf­board is im­printed in my brain, it was every­where to see and still is. It was such a mem­o­rable, epic shot and showed the true essence of Andy's surf­ing. I first saw him surf live when I was about nine years old. He was here for the Quiky Pro and he came down to Len­nox Head. I re­mem­ber think­ing I wanted to surf with that kind of power and style. I guess I did try to em­u­late him a lit­tle. I think I've al­ways used his surf­ing as a guide. His style set a bench­mark for me and his ap­proach to surf­ing with that give-it-all at­ti­tude in­spires me to this day. I loved watch­ing him com­pete and go up against Kelly. Those three years he was World Champ, he was the only one to bet­ter Kelly in that gen­er­a­tion. That year at Pipe where they bat­tled for the crown and the world ti­tle was one of the best heats of all time. Un­for­tu­nately, I didn't get the chance to meet him but the time I spend around the world within the surf­ing com­mu­nity there's still the essence of him. From the peo­ple I do know and the com­mu­nity he was a part of - he was a happy, gen­er­ous lov­ing per­son. He al­ways had time for peo­ple from what I hear. His in­flu­ence on surf­ing and com­pet­ing is still get­ting passed down the gen­er­a­tions. There hasn't been an­other surfer like him, I be­lieve.

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