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It’s hard to pick just one guy who had the big­gest in­flu­ence. Luke Egan was an early in­spi­ra­tion and so was Shaun Cans­dell – I love the way they both surf but I’m go­ing to go with a nat­u­ral footer: Bren­dan Margieson. Margo was the best, such a pow­er­ful rail surfer. I had a few of the early movies he did with Jack McCoy and then his pro­file movie, Wan­der­jahr, is one of my ab­so­lute favourites. I re­mem­ber he talks in that movie about how he was caught be­tween the eras of power surf­ing and airs. Ob­vi­ously his rail surf­ing was as good as it gets but he just seemed to mould ev­ery­thing to­gether re­ally well and he had that nat­u­ral flow on a wave. I did a cou­ple of trips with him when I was quite young and his whole at­ti­tude was about hav­ing fun. He was one of the first paid free surfers and so he didn’t have to worry about surf­ing a cer­tain way to win heats. He’s a big guy but he was re­ally ver­sa­tile, he could still get air and but his power hacks were amaz­ing. He’d use all his speed just to set up one mas­sive turn which was re­ally ex­cit­ing to watch. His back­side hooks were wild too – he’d take to an eight-foot wave like it was a shorey. It was just a re­ally raw ap­proach and it seemed he was al­ways surf­ing ex­actly how he wanted. I def­i­nitely tried to in­cor­po­rate some of his lines and his style and his raw­ness. I’d say I’ve picked up dif­fer­ent things from dif­fer­ent surfers over the years and tried to com­bine them. Margo’s raw power is what I like most about him. The first trip I did with Margo was to West Oz. Pas­sion

Pop had just come out and he had a great sec­tion in that and I was kinda in awe of him. I was so pumped to be go­ing on a trip with him. And I re­mem­ber I duck-dived a wave near him and my nose went right through his board. He was try­ing to be re­ally nice about but you could tell he was su­per bummed. I was like “oh, no, what have I done”. So rat­tled. I ended up go­ing on quite a few trips with Margo af­ter that and what he passed on to me was the idea of just hav­ing fun and not stress­ing about re­sults.

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