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It was on Valen­tines Day this year that Rip Curl gifted us with their game-chang­ing Ain’t NoWavePool clip, and in do­ing so rekin­dled surf­ing’s ro­mance with travel and the no­tion of the ex­otic se­cret spot. Whether this was an in­ten­tional ges­ture on their be­half or not isn’t clear, what is clear how­ever, is that it came at just the right time.

It’s long been ar­gued that the undis­cov­ered se­cret spots of such mag­nif­i­cence sim­ply didn’t ex­ist any­more. That Skele­ton Bay was the last of them. That Earth is far too ob­served, ac­ces­si­ble and doc­u­mented now – to the ridicu­lous point where its 510.1 mil­lion square kilo­me­tre sur­face area has be­gun to seem al­most claus­tro­pho­bic.

How­ever, the shock­ing vi­sion of a solo Mick Fan­ning racing those end­less, rop­ing iri­des­cent green tubes was enough to crack open the dark and crusted sur­face of the most hard­ened and cyn­i­cal surfer’s heart. From within those cracks a blind­ing white light(ning) burst forth, a glo­ri­ous and all but for­got­ten sense of wan­der­lust flooded the body. We asked in uni­son … is this shit still pos­si­ble in 2017??

It was at this point that Google Earth’s servers came close to melt­down. I’m con­vinced there are still ob­sessed in­di­vid­u­als out there who haven’t slept since. Scour­ing ev­ery coast­line un­til their fin­gers are nought but bloody stumps.

There have been whis­pers of the wave be­ing on just about ev­ery con­ceiv­able coast­line on ev­ery con­ti­nent on the planet. The Tracks of­fice has been far from im­mune to this. We all know some­one who’s sup­pos­edly found it. I’m sure one of them is cor­rect, but I sincerely hope ev­ery­one in­volved can keep their lips from loos­en­ing. Let’s keep this surf travel love-boat afloat!


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