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When tem­per­a­tures plum­met a good wetsuit is your best friend – it keeps your wave quota high, opens up an in­fi­nite num­ber of cold-wa­ter coast­lines and en­sures your limbs are flex­i­ble enough to shred, while still en­joy­ing the in­su­la­tion of the rub­ber ar­mour.

Along­side your surf­board, a wetsuit is prob­a­bly the most im­por­tant hard­ware pur­chase you will make as a surfer.

At Tracks, we take your quest to get the best out of your suit se­ri­ously. Each year we send a crew of straight-talk­ing test pi­lots to a lo­ca­tion with suit­ably icy tem­per­a­tures. The suits are tried and tested by mul­ti­ple surfers and the feed­back cross-ref­er­enced be­fore a con­clu­sion about a suit is reached. We also talk di­rectly to the wetsuit de­sign­ers from each com­pany to en­sure that we are up to speed with the con­stantly evolv­ing tech­nol­ogy they em­ploy to im­prove the over-all per­for­mance of their prod­ucts.

This year our test was con­ducted in the frigid wa­ters of Phillip Is­land. Our four testers were Blake Thorn­ton, Nick Squires, Monty Tait and Sandy Ryan, with the re­sults compiled by Brett Burcher.

As pre­vi­ously men­tioned, pur­chas­ing a wet­tie is an im­por­tant de­ci­sion. It’s worth read­ing through the fine print of our guide to find the suit that’s right for you.

Nick Squires stylishly in­verted against a pin­na­cle back-drop.

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