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Firewire floats its new ‘He­lium’ tech­nol­ogy.

Ify­oulikey­our­rides­feath­ery­thenFirewire’sHeli­umtech­nol­o­gy­i­saim­ing­to­take light-weight­per­for­mance­toan­oth­er­realm.Welet­theird­e­sign­ex­pert,ChrisGrow,do the ex­plain­ing…

Over the last few months many of you have seen Michel Bourez, Kelly Slater and Ross Wil­liams rid­ing surf­boards that look dif­fer­ent from the Firewire and Slater De­signs boards that ev­ery­one is ac­cus­tomed to see­ing.

These new boards have looked white and sim­ple and un­adorned by all the car­bon strips / car­bon lines / black rails / black lines / ‘techy’ look­ing stuff that has be­come so com­mon over the past few years.

‘He­lium’ surf­boards have this light and airy look for a rea­son. He­lium feels light un­der arm, light on a wave, and it com­presses lightly un­der­foot. He­lium uti­lizes a brand new, softer, deck-skin never used be­fore in *LFT, *FST or Tim­bertek. And it’s also shaped from a sur­pris­ingly light foam blank. Just 0.8 pounds. (0.36 kilo­grams) Any shape we build in He­lium be­comes lighter and more re­spon­sive than any Firewire tech pre­vi­ously.

We have also quick­ened He­lium’s re­sponse rate us­ing some lessons we’ve learned from our Tim­bertek surf­boards over the years. We cre­ated a brand new rail for He­lium that com­bines both balsa wood and paulow­nia wood, cre­at­ing a flex pat­tern that has never been felt be­fore.

He­lium is en­gi­neered to give the quick­est ma­neu­ver­abil­ity pos­si­ble while main­tain­ing just enough weight to gen­er­ate in­er­tia down the line. It has the same ex­panded life­span be­yond tra­di­tional ma­te­ri­als that you’d ex­pect from FST. And the gen­tle com­pres­sion be­neath your feet that you’ve felt on LFT be­fore.

Kelly Slater’s highly an­tic­i­pated Gamma - a shape he de­signed from start to fin­ish as sole de­signer – will soon be re­leased with He­lium tech­nol­ogy. How­ever, ini­tially Firewire is giving ev­ery­one ac­cess to two of their most pop­u­lar shapes by Dan Mann - the Spit­fire and the Dom­i­na­tor - both built in He­lium tech­nol­ogy. Pyzel’s Stubby Bas­tard will also be one of the first boards avail­able in He­lium tech.

The best way to get a tan­gi­ble gauge on the tech­nol­ogy is to walk into a shop and pick one up. Also keep an eye out for the demo days.

*FSTis­thetechFirewire­was­founde­don.Most­pop­u­lar­shapes:Dom­i­na­torand Sweet­Po­tato.Spit­fire­too.Kelly’sBananawas­built­inFSTaswell. *LFTisourtech­with­a­cen­ter­stringer.But­thestringeris­not­wood.Thestringer ishigh­den­si­ty­foam.Most­pop­u­lar­shapes:Omin,Sci-Fi,Evo.

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