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Liq­uid Mesh Su­per Stretch Pan­els | E5 Flash Lin­ing and E5 Hand Tape | Aqua­ban Liq­uid Tape Seams

RRP: $749.99

“The Flash Bomb Plus is a cul­mi­na­tion of Rip Curl’s 45 years in R&D and man­u­fac­tur­ing ex­per­tise. The Liq­uid Mesh Smoothy pan­els on the ch­est and back pan­els of the suit are ex­clu­sively de­vel­oped to Rip Curl’s re­quire­ments and pro­vide the high­est level of stretch for smoothy rub­bers. The smoothy pan­els as­sist the surfer dra­mat­i­cally in body ro­ta­tion and re­duc­ing fa­tigue through pad­dling mo­tions. E5 Flash Lin­ing, Hand Tape and ex­ter­nal seam Liq­uid Tape mean the surfer has a warm and com­fort­able ex­pe­ri­ence.”

Monty Tait nail­ing a lankylimbed tail whip.

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