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The Flash Bomb ex­celled in the FFC depart­ment, with all surfers deem­ing it fault­less. “It had loads of flex through the en­tire wetsuit, mak­ing it feel like a sec­ond skin and the fit was un­real”

Monty. “Re­ally strong in all as­pects, fit was spot on and com­fort wise, it was so com­fort­able” Blake.

Ease of en­try and exit

“Went on su­per easy, there was plenty of stretch around the en­try point which made it ef­fort­less. Get­ting it off was sim­ple also” Blake. “I found the zip free worked ef­fec­tively, with easy en­try and exit of the Flashbomb Plus – no prob­lems at all” Nick


De­scribed as a high per­for­mance wetsuit, the Flash bomb has also been man­u­fac­tured to en­sure su­pe­rior warmth. “The E5 Flash Lin­ing on the in­side felt so warm and any wa­ter that found its way in­side would just trickle straight out of the suit” Monty. “Warmth was an­other re­ally strong point of the Rip Curl. The E5 Flash Lin­ing in­su­la­tion helped cre­ate ex­tra warmth and com­fort mak­ing it a re­ally solid win­ter wetsuit” Blake.

Wa­ter en­try

The Flash Bomb Plus re­mained com­pletely wa­ter re­sis­tant dur­ing long surf ses­sions. “I couldn’t pin­point any wa­ter en­try. The tight draw­string around the ch­est seals it right up and the liq­uid seals with­stand all wa­ter. The snug fit also al­lowed no wa­ter to enter” Blake. “No wa­ter en­try what­so­ever” Monty.

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