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The in­no­va­tive de­sign of the Yulex, pro­duced qual­ity re­sults in this cat­e­gory. “Felt su­per snug be­hind the knees and com­fort­able un­der the arms” Nick. Typ­i­cally a heavy duty suit, the Yulex im­pressed with its flex­i­bil­ity and range of move­ment. “Fit and com­fort was spot on. For the over­all weight of the suit, the flex­i­bil­ity was bet­ter than I ex­pected” Sandy.

Ease of en­try and exit

Fit­ted with supra­tra­tex an­kle cuffs, Blake and Nick shared sim­i­lar opin­ions to­wards ease of en­try. “The lower quar­ter of the suit felt harder to get into to. The sud­den change of ma­te­rial in those ar­eas was no­tice­able” Blake. “It was snug and just needed a lit­tle more ef­fort to get on than some of the other suits” Nick. Both agreed the up­per body en­try was func­tional and easy.


The Yulex ex­celled in keep­ing the surfers warm in the Vic­to­rian wa­ters. “It was the warm­est wetsuit I tested, I was cook­ing”

Nick. “In­sanely warm, the lin­ing of the suit was so toasty” Sandy. All seams in the Patag­o­nia are triple glued and 100% in­ter­nally taped mak­ing it a well de­served favourite for over­all warmth.

Wa­ter en­try

All surfers firmly agreed that the Patag­o­nia was com­pletely wa­ter re­sis­tant. “Its sealed up re­ally tight so there was ab­so­lutely no wa­ter en­try”

Nick. “I didn’t no­tice any wa­ter en­try, even af­ter a few awk­ward flog­gings”

Sandy. “I didn’t feel any wa­ter en­try, it’s well and truly sealed up” Blake.

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