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A dy­namic light­weight suit, the peak cov­ered the cri­te­ria ex­cel­lently. “Prob­a­bly the light­est and most com­fort­able suit I tested. No is­sues with tight­ness, the seams they have in­cor­po­rated feel adapt­able to a range of move­ment so it felt snug” Nick. “A sim­ply de­signed suit with stretchy rub­ber made it an all round snug fit” Blake.

Ease of en­try and exit

“It was my first time us­ing a zip­per­less wetsuit and I was in and out of it like a flash. The seams around the an­kles are tight which usu­ally means there is not a lot of give, but I had no is­sues slip­ping in and out” Nick. “Very sim­ple to enter be­cause of the loose rub­ber around the neck. No dra­mas ex­it­ing the suit ei­ther” Blake.


The sim­plis­tic de­sign of the peak still man­aged to gen­er­ate and main­tain warmth ef­fec­tively. “Given they haven’t gone over­board on the seals and seams, it still held its warmth well” Blake. “It’s not a wetsuit that you are go­ing to sit and cook in, it’s the ideal wetsuit for those surfs where you keep busy and catch a ton of waves” Nick.

Wa­ter en­try

“No ma­jor is­sues with wa­ter en­try. No wa­ter en­try at all dur­ing con­tin­u­ous duck­dives. It did how­ever let a tiny bit of wa­ter in around the hip re­gion when I first jumped in” Nick. “I did no­tice a tiny bit of wa­ter creep­ing in through cer­tain spots,but noth­ing over the top” Blake.

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