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“The Adrenalin was pretty flex­i­ble and gen­er­ally com­fort­able all around” Monty. Pre­sent­ing a well cut fit with a light­weight feel, one de­sign fea­ture in par­tic­u­lar caught the at­ten­tion of the testers. “The back seam did pull in around the shoul­ders though, mak­ing that area of the suit quite tight” Monty. “Bit of rigid­ity in that one spot but rea­son­ably flex­i­ble and com­fort­able in all other ar­eas” Nick.

Ease of en­try and exit

The Adrenalin of­fered a func­tional and ef­fort­less en­try. “Re­ally easy to enter and exit, the eas­i­est of the suits I tried”

Nick. “Re­ally easy in both as­pects. I’m not ac­cus­tomed to zip­per­less wet­suits but it worked re­ally well. The tie down they have in­cor­po­rated to tighten around the ch­est is a great idea, locks it in re­ally well” Monty.


In the warmth depart­ment, the Adrenalin per­forms the way it feels. It’s a light­weight suit that of­fers pro­tec­tion from the wind and sun, but cold wa­ter may be­come an is­sue as time goes by. “It heats the wa­ter that it lets in, but wa­ter flush may take away from the suit’s warmth” Nick.

Wa­ter en­try

Con­structed with light ma­te­ri­als, the Adrenalin be­came sus­cep­ti­ble to wa­ter en­try dur­ing long ses­sions. “I didn’t get cold in it, but ev­ery time I duck dived I would get a flush down my back. If it was a warm day, it would work as a nice flush, but on a cold win­ters day you would feel it” Nick.

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