Robbo The Aussie

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Rob Machado, the fa­mously mel­low Cal­i­for­nian with all the style in the world, isn’t as chilled as ev­ery­one thinks. He’s a smart, very funny, quick­wit­ted hu­man al­ways ready to jump into what­ever is com­ing his way. I hadn’t done a trip with him for so long so it was epic to re­con­nect. Did you know he was born in Aus­tralia? Tak­ing his Aussie her­itage into con­sid­er­a­tion we de­cided to call him Robbo dur­ing the trip. I got the feel­ing Robbo felt at home on this visit, es­pe­cially in the surf where he tapped into some of the best bar­rels of our trip.

Top: Mae­stro Machado, dis­play­ing deft weight dis­tri­bu­tion and cu­ri­ous go pro place­ment as he tucks through a coil. Be­low: Mick and Rob dis­cussing twin fin tac­tics.

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