Old Bones

Tracks - - Tree Lobster Island - - MF

I’ve trav­elled with Kai for around 10 years on tour so to go on a trip and go surf­ing away from the con­test scene was pure gold. We started call­ing him Old Bones on tour be­cause he was al­ways fall­ing apart with in­juries. The nick­name doesn’t re­ally suit him though, he’s got more en­ergy than any of us and was psych­ing on surf­ing all the cool lit­tle set-ups the is­land had to of­fer. He’s such good com­pany and pro­vided plenty of laughs. Kai did the turn of the trip, a huge straight frontside air, un­for­tu­nately no­body cap­tured it. It will only take him a few years to get over it. Luck­ily he ripped into some other big moves for the lens­men.

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