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The right-hand reef we surfed prob­a­bly had the best set-up and I had a lot of fun rid­ing Rob’s twin­nie out there. I’m sure the beach-break fires on its day. The reefs, when all the el­e­ments come to­gether, must get pretty epic. I just love that there is al­ways some­where off­shore. Plus the beauty of the place and it has the clearest wa­ter you’ve ever seen. I could live there for sure.

Main: All the nec­es­sary com­po­nents for an idyl­lic is­land ex­is­tence.

In­set top: Mick’s, black and white rud­ders framed in crys­tal blue.

In­set bot­tom: We’d all like to be on the road Mick Fan­ning is fol­low­ing.

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