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This was a wave six years in the mak­ing.

In 2012 the now leg­endary Thun­der­cloud ses­sion at Cloud­break took big wave tube rid­ing into a to­tally new realm. Two of the stand­outs on that day were Chilean, Ra­mon Navarro and Hawai­ian Kohl Chris­tensen. The im­age of Ra­mon in his white wet­suit top, bounc­ing over the foam ball in­side those big blue caves is for­ever seared into my brain.

The other mo­ment from that day etched in the mem­ory of surfers the planet over is the vi­sion of Mark Healey’s board float­ing help­lessly in the lip of ‘that one’ - the rogue set wave that changed the way we looked at Cloud­break for­ever.

So, six long years later, when a Cloud­break swell of the same mag­ni­tude showed on the charts, Kohl and Ra­mon knew what kind of wave they were wait­ing for. It took a hell of a lot of pa­tience and faith, but even­tu­ally it came, and Kohl put Ra­mon right in the spot for the wave of his life.

“It was our sec­ond run of the af­ter­noon ses­sion,” re­calls Ra­mon. “We just waited for the big one. And that’s what Kohl asked for. Just to go out there and wait. If it came through we’d go, if not, well then at least we tried. Kohl was so fo­cused on ‘that wave’ it felt like he knew it was go­ing to hap­pen. In the end we waited for more than two hours. When the wave ar­rived it was com­ing so fast. So when Kohl took off I just fo­cused on not fall­ing from the yank of the ski. I didn’t even re­ally look at the wave un­til I let go of the rope. When I did I just saw the thing dou­ble in size. It was so glassy and so per­fect! The ride it­self was so fast and I had so much speed. I didn’t re­alise how big and thick it was when I was rid­ing it. It Felt like a big hol­low wave, but noth­ing like when I saw the video and pic­tures. Maybe I needed to be deeper to see the thing over me haha, I don’t know, tow is dif­fer­ent. It’s a weird feel­ing.”

When asked how he in­tended to pay back Kohl for gift­ing him the wave of the day Ra­mon just laughs, “Well now I have a big prob­lem, but that time will come soon.”

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