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Tracks Quiz – Peo­ple in the Mag

1. What di­gestible aerial ma­noeu­vre is Ju­lian Wilson cred­ited with in­vent­ing ?

2. Which surfer did Ju­lian Wilson share the yel­low, Jeep Leader jersey with, af­ter The Rip Curl Pro Bells?

3. Com­plete the ti­tle of the movie fea­tur­ing Harrison Roach Ihad­too much...

4. What spe­cific car driv­ing ac­tiv­ity

does Mikey Wright en­joy in his spare time?

5. Which fre­quently ma­ligned sur­fcraft does Harry Bryant claim to dab­ble in.

6. What is the dev­il­ish birth­day of Ross-Clarke-Jones?

7. Which year did Ross Clarke-Jones win the Quik­sil­ver Ed­die Aikau event?

8. What is the name of the board la­bel Tor­ren Mar­tyn rides?

(See bot­tom right for an­swers. Up­side-down)

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